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We are excited you are interested in Kenneth Copeland Bible College. Kenneth Copeland Bible College is an innovative approach to Bible school, designed to prepare mature Christian believers for the work of the ministry. Our curriculum is focused on developing a real-life faith that will equip every student with practical tools for ministry and life, as well as spiritual depth and maturity. The rich legacy of Faith that is Kenneth Copeland Ministries is the foundation of Kenneth Copeland Bible College. Every student will discover what it means to embody faith, integrity and excellence in ministry.
About KCBC
About KCBC
Experiential learning, small class sizes, internships, mentoring and so much more.
Our Program
Our Associate of Biblical Studies is a 2-year program that embodies the foundational teaching of Kenneth Copeland Ministries.
Our Courses
Our Courses
Our courses are designed to combine both biblical education and learning opportunities outside the traditional academic setting in order to develop spiritual maturity for ministry and life.

Why Choose Us

  • Experiential learning by design, combining both classroom and field opportunities.
  • Non-traditional academic settings.
  • Small class sizes & ideal student/teacher ratio.
  • All classes at Kenneth Copeland Ministries.
  • Federally recognized, full accreditation (TACI).
  • 2-year Associates of Biblical Studies (60 credit) program.
  • Affordable Tuition.
  • Spiritual development and application.
  • Leadership Training and Development.
  • Life skill and practical experience.
  • Senior Pastors George and Terri Pearsons along with many other top guest instructors.
  • Kenneth Copeland, Keith Moore and more.
  • Service Practicums, training and mentoring.
  • Specialized Ministry Internships.
  • Ongoing evaluation to aide in growth.
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