Students who would like to audit Kenneth Copeland Bible College courses may do so on a space-available basis for “on-property” courses only. No college credit is awarded for audited courses. The cost for auditing courses is 50% of the tuition charged for credit courses – prorated per credit hour.

Audit students may be required to meet the same prerequisites to enroll in a course as a credit student. However, they are not required to take examinations and no grades are assigned. Audit students must complete a one-time KCBC Application and must sign our Honorable Life Covenant and Standards of Conduct forms as required of all students.

Audit students may register in person at the KCBC Administrative Office during the first two weeks of classes ONLY. Students registered for audit may not change their enrollment to credit status at any time during the semester. Also, students registered for credit may not change from credit to audit status at any time during the semester.

Audit Tuition and Fees

  • As an audit student, you must call 817-420-8100 to reserve your spot on campus.
  • The cost for auditing courses is $60.00 per credit hour.
  • Course Descriptions
Apply for Audit Courses Here