Our Founders Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Kenneth Copeland is known worldwide as a speaker, author, television evangelist and recording artist. But first and foremost, he is a man driven with a passion to see people fall in love with Jesus—to live by faith in God’s WORD and experience victory in every area of life. The driving force of his ministry is the message that God’s Word works—to turn every area of life from failure to success.

Kenneth Copeland began in ministry in 1967 as a 30-year-old student at Oral Roberts University. Serving alongside noted healing evangelist Oral Roberts, he witnessed firsthand the miraculous power of God, noting that Oral “used his faith like a mechanic uses a tool.” But how could he do the same?

While at ORU, Kenneth and his wife, Gloria, began attending faith seminars conducted by Kenneth E. Hagin. This was it! They found the answer! It’s all in the Word of God. During those three 10 day seminars, the reality of the integrity of God’s Word sprang to life. “God and His Word are one!” and that changed everything. This would be the cornerstone, the foundation and the heartbeat of Kenneth Copeland Ministries for the next 50 years and beyond.

Faith in the Written Word has never failed. It has produced a solid ministry reaching into every aspect of people’s lives, literally all over the world. Whatever the Lord said do, no matter how impossible it seemed, faith brought it to pass.

“Impact North America. Reach Africa. Reach the Latino world. Go to the islands!” And the Word worked!

“Put this uncompromised message of faith on every available voice—radio, television, a network!” And the Word worked!

While every one of these areas continues to expand, one might think it’s all been done—but not for a man and a woman of faith!

Still reaching for more ways to fulfill God’s mandates, it was clear the Copelands must bring the uncompromised message of faith to the next generation of ministers. The Lord is coming so quickly; there isn’t another 50 years for others to learn what the Copelands already know so well. So, the vision for KCBC was born.

Brother and Sister Copeland have masterfully imparted the Spirit of Faith and love to their natural and spiritual children, many of which will be instructors at KCBC. Together, the Copelands, the KCM staff and KCBC faculty will instill the rich heritage of faith, excellence and integrity.