KCBC Scholarships will be available, Spring 2023. Application deadline July 10.

Kenneth Copeland Bible College Scholarship Guidelines and Application

  • KCBC scholarship amounts are determined by the KCBC scholarship review committee.
  • Awards range in value with a potential increase up to full tuition. Eligibility for any amount up to and including full tuition depends on admission to the college.
  • KCBC scholarships vary and may be valid for up to two years of continuous, full-time enrollment at Kenneth Copeland Bible College.
  • KCBC scholarships are not transferable and must be used the year they were awarded.
  • Awards may be suspended for a period of time or canceled if recipients do not remain in good standing with the college as determined by the Kenneth Copeland Bible College Scholarship Review Committee.
  • KCBC Scholarship Review Committee reserves the right to reduce or revoke a KCBC scholarship should a recipient violate the honor code as outlined in the KCBC Student Handbook.

Scholarship Application

We are accepting 2023-2024 New Student and Returning Student Scholarships May 8th thru July 10th.  The deadline for the completed application packet is July 10, 2023, at 5:00 p.m., no exceptions.  Applications received after this date will not be considered.