Kenneth Copeland Bible College defines honor as a keen sense of ethical conduct.  As a KCBC student, an honorable life, freely chosen and fully committed to the teachings and principles of the Word of God, must be evident to all who should choose to examine it.  Having personal integrity (doing what’s right, because it’s right, and doing it right) demonstrates the unwavering dedication of a Christian life well lived. This is what is expected of every KCBC student.

I give my word as a guarantee I will be submitted to God and committed to doing what He says, putting aside my own feelings, human reasonings and being obedient to the Lord.

I give my word as a guarantee I will live an honorable manner of life, living honestly among all people, bringing no disgrace or damage to the reputation of Jesus Christ or Christians.  I will do the right thing regardless of what it may cost, representing Kenneth Copeland Bible College/Kenneth Copeland Ministries/Eagle Mountain International Church with a standard of excellence.

I give my word as a guarantee I will Biblically honor, obey, submit to and pray for God-ordained authority including political authorities, law enforcement, employers, and the leadership of KCBC/KCM/EMIC.

I give my word as a guarantee I will reverence and love God with my whole heart and yield to Love Himself.  I will actively pursue developing a strong spirit, refusing fear of any kind, cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit, with respect and consideration towards all people.  I will be quick to forgive others and not engage in strife.  I will not criticize others behind their back, but rather keep an honorable attitude held in faith and good conscience.

I give my word as a guarantee I will conduct my life as a vessel of honor, purge myself in humility, flee from youthful lusts and follow after righteousness, faith, love and peace with all those who call on the Lord out of a pure and honest heart.  I don’t do what my flesh wants to do.  I live by the Word of God and the will of God for my life.

I give my word as a guarantee I will faithfully and punctually attend KCBC classes, campus chapels, internships/practicums, and honestly complete all academic assignments on my own accord without plagiarism or cheating.  Furthermore, I acknowledge my attendance at KCBC is a privilege and that KCBC may exercise its right to withdraw a student from its program at any time for disciplinary reasons.

I give my word as a guarantee I will connect with this local church body, Eagle Mountain International Church and become actively involved in church services, events, and helps ministry opportunities. I will be a regular tither.

My signature indicates my understanding of and commitment to abide by and uphold the entire contents of Kenneth Copeland Bible College’s Honorable Life Covenant.