KCM Staff Online: Course Titles and Descriptions

First Year Course Descriptions (Fall)

BIB100 Bible Study Methods – 1 Unit
This course provides an overview of methods, key tools and specific resources used in Biblical study. Students will be equipped for personal spiritual growth and ministry as they become more acquainted with knowing God through His Word, understanding the language of the Bible and discovering how to rightly divide the whole Word of God. Parables, figurative language, historical context and prophecy are some of the topics included in this course designed to promote proper exegesis of the Bible.

BIB101 Old Testament Survey – 3 Units
This course is designed as a historical survey of the Old Testament with special attention given to the people and land which are the foundation of our faith. Exploration of God’s Creation, the fall of man, and the line of redemption from the patriarchs to the Word that became Flesh, will provide a pathway for the connection between the Old and New Testaments. This overview will assist students in deepening their concept of Old Testament stories, examples, lineage, and their necessary application for successful living today.

BIB106 Prayer I – 1 Unit
Brother Kenneth Copeland says that “Prayer is the foundation for every successful Christian endeavor.” However, not prayer that is prayed just any way. The disciples understood this when the said to Jesus, “Teach us to pray.” While Jesus did teach prayer principles, He also said, “watch and pray.” Therefore, when it comes to prayer, some things are better taught while others are better “caught.” This class will provide instructions for things taught and provide demonstrations of what must be “caught.” Both will be presented as they pertain to the governing principles of Spirit-led prayer. Prayer that is alive contains elements of fellowship, as well as the privilege of doing Kingdom business with God. There is nothing that cannot either be prevented, changed, or overcome through the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man.

BIB107 Christ the Healer – 1 Unit
This course is designed to establish from the scriptures, it’s the will of God to heal all today. Scriptural support for the principles of healing and an understanding of the importance of God’s Word as the foundation for healing will be examined. Proof will be established that God is not only able to heal, but as a result of His compassion and mercy has made provision for healing through the finished work of Jesus.

HIS101 The Jews, The Nations and The Church – 1 Unit
This course examines three “people groups” described in scripture, defining their connections with one another through history, culture, and worldview. Special attention will be given to the covenants and the Hebrew roots of Christianity from type and shadow of fulfillment and restoration of the land. Emphasis will also be placed on the book of Revelation and understanding how to determine which of these three groups of people are written to, or about, in any given passage. This will help students discover their role in the great and triumphant end-time future God has planned.

MIN104 / 105 Ministry Seminar I & II (Special Topics) – 1 Unit
Essential topics in ministry will be highlighted by staff and guest instructors. Emphasis will be placed on applying what is being learned in the other courses to ministry and life. This course is interactive and will include a variety of learning activities providing a foundational thread for seminar topics covered.

BIB108 The Life of Christ – 3 Units
This course examines the person and ministry of Jesus revealed through a study of the Gospels and beyond. Focus will be on His message, miracles, being about His Father’s business, and triumphantly fulfilling His mission. His nature as revealed in Old Testament types and New Testament examples will inspire a very real relationship with the Eternal King.

BIB113 Foundations of Faith – 4 Units
In this course students will become familiar with the God kind of faith, which is the same faith God placed in every believer. Foundational scripture truths explored will include the integrity of God’s Word, the authority of Jesus’ name, identification with Jesus’ redemptive substitution, understanding the believer’s position of right standing in Christ and development of a strong spirit. Students will learn about spiritual and physical laws governing the measure of faith granted to all believers and how to purposely exercise that faith for victorious living.